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Topics: Management, Change, Anxiety Pages: 5 (1817 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Change is important to people because the world and most of the people are changing. If people do not take attention of it and refuse to change, they will be eliminated by the world. People who are fear or hesitate to change must try to step out and start to change now. People can overcome their fear of change by 3 steps; first, they must find out and confront the issues that cause them afraid of change. Then, keep your mind to think the opportunities instead of threat. After that, move on against the fear. In addition, managers must be patient to people in order for people have enough time to make any adjustment for them to adapt new things successfully. Listen to employees and counsels them with ease. To be succeeding in change, managers have to take a lot of issues into consideration. It may be hard for managers to implement change, but here are some suggestions to managers to implement change successfully.

First of all, managers should have a good planning of change before they carry out. Queensland government (n.d) pointed out that successfully managing the complexity of change is virtually impossible without a robust plan that is supported by strong project management. Planning is help manager to be aware of what they want to achieve and how they going to achieve it.

Secondly, managers should encourage participate. When anticipating making a change, get the team members who will be affected by that change involved early on, find out what make them afraid of change and find out the way to overcome their fear to support change (Stark, 2010). The key to change is to let go the fear—Rosanne Cash (Rick, 2011). To let go people’s fear, managers should often remind people that they are a team and nobody is alone. Managers should also let people understand clearly why they need to change; many people will resist change unless they see that the change is urgently needed and remind them the positive consequences of being change.

Then, managers must be able to listen to people’s suggestion. When managers want to apply change, they should not only announce to the people. When managers intending to introduce change, the planning process should involve input from the workforce on the best way to implement the change. People will be far more committed to the change if they see that their perceptions have been considered and with a sense of 'ownership' over ideas and concepts, they will embrace the change with open arms (Future prospect, n.d).

Beside that, managers have to monitor the progress over time and make adjustment as necessary (Hamlin, 2011). Managers must make sure that all the activities are helping the team change effectively otherwise, it is wasting time for people to put so much effort on activities that are not helping them to change. It will make people feel tired for changing and then lose the interest and motivation to involve in change. employees’ right and control (Davidson et al., 2009, p.38). If managers change without consider politic, it may lead people hesitate of change. Thus, causes failure in change. Most of the authors agree that management is connected to another field, because in order for a manager to has a good management. Manager must understand from environment to human resources. Not only those fields which are mentioned above need to be considered, managers also need to consider about the philosophy, psychology and also anthropology According to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Karmarkar, 2012, p.31), "Management is the art and science of preparing, organizing and directing human efforts to control the forces and utilize the material of nature for the benefit of men." It is consider as science because management problems can be approached in ways that are rational, logical, objective and systematic. Then, it also called as art because although managers try to be scientific as possible but they must make decision and solve problems on the basis of intuition, experience, instinct...
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