Implementing Change

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Implementing Change Paper
Crystal Powers
HCS/475 – Leadership and Performance Development
April, 22, 2013
Linda Hagler-Reid

Implementing Change Paper
This paper will explain the managers’ role within a company and their responsibility when implementing a change within a company. It’s not just the planning and organizing talking about what plans need to be placed in order to create a change in a company, but the manager must know what to expect and how to completely deal with staff to make a positive outcome for the team. In the end this paper will provide and explain the change process; assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Managers Role and Responsibilities

Managers use the intellectual property within their work, this means an idea, invention or process. Staff commonly will reject a change within the work place. Studies have shown that implementing change mainly results in a positive outcome for all who may be involved. People are comfortable with routine so when a change takes place it causes fear of what may happen. Managers are placed in a role to take action or motivate staff. Choosing a good manager is crucial for a plan to succeed. A different term for managers would be a changing agent. This is someone who makes sure the change process runs smoothly from one step to the next until all possible changes are put in place, then all the staff is comfortable, and it is completed. These types of people are able to motivate team members, show strong interpersonal skills, flexibility, confidence, and they have the skills to use various ideas from different types of input (Rehder, 2011). Even though managers implement change they are following orders from the leader of the company to make the changes within the team to meet the goals.

Providing Information
Providing information is the key to preparing employees for the change, which in return will help prevent people from completely resisting the new plan put in place. Not all...

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