Change Discussion

Topics: Management, Organization, Leadership Pages: 1 (593 words) Published: April 16, 2015
'We are changing at an incredibly rapid pace. It is impossible to keep up.  It would be really nice if the guys with the ideas realized that we are the ones that actually have to implement this stuff.' Manager, Wilson Bros. With the assistance of available research from the course and from external sources, comment on the following statement: Being a leader during change is very difficult. People don't want change. It seems like it would just be better to tell people 'things are going to change - just suck it up'. That would work as well as any strategy. Explain your answer and respond to at least two other students' postings.  (5 marks) In response to an organization’s external environment, effectively implementing and adapting to changes is crucial to building success. That being said, change is often not an easy process as it can bring about the many different challenges to those who hold leadership and managerial positions. Leaders and management of an organization faces the many challenges of change such that that they must first identify the need for it and all other alternatives and options that are available to them. They must also decide on the direction that they want to take and how they should execute the strategy to creating change.  In addition to finding the way in implementing the change it most important to build on the social value of change within the organization, in which leaders and management must find wide-spread support among all employees. Hence, being a leader during change is very difficult and often require tremendous amount effort and vigilance (Mcshane & Steen, 408). According to Mcshane & Steen in Canadian Organizational Behaviour, 8th Edition, many people today still resist change as it was reported that 71% of Canadian managers says that their employees resist change (Mcshane & Steen, 410). There are several reasons to the resistance of change among employees and one of the most common factor is related to the direct cost in...
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