Manage by Walking Away

Topics: Employment, Communication, Organization Pages: 5 (1533 words) Published: January 29, 2013
“Manage By Walking Away”
Christopher Holland
Sharie Green
Imagine if one day you came to work and the head of the company was there waiting for you and your co-workers, only to tell you that he/she and all of the other managers and supervisors were taking a vacation for three days and between all of you, you are responsible for maintaining production and resolving any problems that may arise. Well, that is what happened at a print company called Quad Graphics. The owner flew all of the management team to Disney World for a vacation but the bigger picture behind this was that he was demonstrating a training technique he came up with called “manage by walking away”. Quad Graphics, a company that redefines print and innovates people is amongst the world’s leaders in the print industry. Founded in 1971 by Harry Quadracci, Quad Graphics is now currently run by CEO Joel Quadracci, Harry’s nephew. A global company with over 39 locations in three continents, 12,000 employees, and billions in revenue thrive on putting the company’s best interest in the hands of the employees as the company insists that every employee think, act and work as if they them self were the boss. Quad Graphics is a company where the owner wears the same exact uniform as the newly hired employee. A company that promotes within, trains, educates, innovates and values its employee’s hard work. Adopting the f-form (freeing form) method of running the organization, which allows the employees complete freedom in what they do at work as long as it is in the best interest for the company, has allowed Quad Graphics the room to grow and redefine the print industry (Getz, 2009). The printing portion of the company is one of several suprasystems that make up of Quad Graphics entirety. A member of the Quadracci family whom started their own medical practice teamed up with family member Harry and formed QuadMed, which offers discounted health insurance to all Quad Graphics employees. Another family member, whom at the time, was running an independent law firm also teamed up with Harry to form QuadLegal, which handles all legal aspects surrounding the company as well as offering discounted legal services to Quad Graphics employees. As far as subsystems within Quad Graphics, they dabble in direct mail, magazines, advertisements, calendars, newsletters, holographic, and image editing.

The human relations approach suggests integrating an organization’s goals with the goals of the employees (Richmond & McCroskey, 2009). Quad Graphics has two kinds of employees: employees who work there and employees who have careers at Quad Graphics. A company will only be as good as its employees and if the employee’s moral is low, then the quality of production put out by the company will suffer and the company will eventually spiral to its demise. There are endless opportunities an employee can take advantage of while working at “Quad” as long as that employee takes advantage of all that the company has to offer. Quad Graphics offers leadership training classes as well as classes that deal with understanding communication in the work place and how to produce the most effective relationships as possible as well as classes on eating healthy, safety and well being, and a class titled Quad Culture, which is four hours long but takes you on the roller coaster ride of how the company was started. They offer tuition reimbursement as long as a 3.0 grade point average is maintained. They have company picnics and Christmas parties at every Quad location around the world and every facility has an onsite weight room to ensure that the employees have access to exercise equipment and as if that were not enough, each Quad location has an onsite daycare facility to house the next generation of Quad employees while mom and dad are at work.

Besides pay, status is high on the list of what motivates people to work hard. The want to be perceived as better...
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