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Thai President Foods Public Company Limited was established on February 15, 1972 with an initial registered capital of 6 million baht through a joint venture between President Enterprise Co., Ltd. of Taiwan – providing manufacturing technology expertise and Saha Pattanaphibul Co., Ltd. - responsible for marketing and distribution. The founding objective was to produce instant noodles under the "MAMA" brand. The Company’s first Head Offices were located on New Petchburi Road, while the first factory was inaugurated at Nong Khaem District, Bangkok. After the first year, all the shares then were transferred to Thai shareholder who remains as the major shareholder until now.

The Company have been listd the Stock Exchange of Thailand and become a Public Company in 1994 with presently Registered Capital 240 million baht, comprising 18,000,000 ordinary shares, par value 10 bath per share, paid up 180 million baht.


Thai President Foods Public Company Limited
Main Business : Manufacturer of Instant Noodles & Biscuits
Registered No. : 0107537001633 (Registered No. Old : B.J.M. 410) Registered Capital : 240 million baht, issued and fully paid 180 million baht, comprising 240 Ordinary Shares, Par Value 1 baht per share



Head Office :
304 TF Bldg., Srinakarin Rd., Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 Thailand. Telephone : (662) 374-4730
Fax : (662) 374-7743
Website :
E-mail :


Sri Racha :
Sahapat Group Industrial Park
601 Sukapiban 8 Rd., Nongkarm, Sri Racha
Cholburi 20232 Thailand.
Telephone : (6638) 480-502
Fax : (6638) 480-184


Lumphun :
Sahapat Group Industrial Park 99/9 Moo 5, Phasuk, Lumphun 51000 Thailand. Telephone : (6653) 584-088,
(6653) 534-086
Fax : (6653) 534-086


Rayong :
43/244, Moo 4, Huayprab-Pluakdaeng Mabyangporn, Pluakdaeng
Rayong 21140 Thailand.
Telephone : (6638) 891-530
Fax : (6638) 891-533


To create food innovation to serve every segment and to share every household worldwide. [pic]
1. To bring our customers the highest benefits of best quality, great taste, good nutritional value, convenient, safe with reasonable price. 2. To create food innovation through research together with the effective managements. 3. To increase highly efficient production through advanced technologies and to educate the staffs for better knowledge, skill and professionalism. To turn the company into the learning organization for all. 4. To search incessantly for new business opportunities.

5. To seriously implement the corporate social responsibility by serving societies, communities and taking good care of the natural resources and environment.

Our Main Business is the manufacturer of "Mama" trademark, which has been well-known and accepted among consumers with over 50% of market shares, and also the manufacturer of biscuits and wafers products under "Bissin" and "Homey" trademarks. [pic]

The company has also invested in other groups of business of raw materials and packaging in order to enhance the primary business and allow the company to effectively control the price and quality of our main products.

For the sale side, the company has also invested in business handling marketing and distribution activities worldwide in order to add new marketing channels for the sales and ensure that the company’s products would reach all groups of consumers both domestic and overseas. [pic]


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