Male Cosmetics in China

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A Marketing Plan - D104|
Male Cosmetics in China
L’Oreal Paris Men Expert|


Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 2
2. Situation/Environmental Analysis3
2.1 SWOT Analysis3
3.2 PEST Analysis4

3. Marketing Objectives5

4. Marketing Strategy6
4.1 Target Market Selection6
4.2 Target Market Profile7

5. Marketing Mix Decisions8
5.1 Product Decisions8
5.2 Pricing Decisions9
5.3 Placement Decisions9
5.4 Promotion Decisions10

6. Implementation & Evaluation11
6.1 Action Plan & Task Schedule11
6.2 Evaluation & Control Plan12
6.3 Contingency Plan12
6.4 Cost-Benefit Analysis12
6.5 Budget & Financial Analysis13

7. Bibliography14

1: Executive Summary
L’Oreal Paris is a division of L’Oreal Corporation that offers cosmetics for men and women. Their product line, Men Expert, is created specifically to target common male skin problems. L’Oreal Paris Men Expert consists of 12 diverse skin care products that enable men to have the best complexion that they possibly can.

The marketing strategy will be based on targeting young, middle-class urban males in China who are interested in their appearance. Through marketing tactics like guerrilla marketing, L’Oreal Paris hopes to create brand awareness within the Chinese male market in the first six months upon entry into the Chinese market. With a steady growth in disposable income for males in urban cities, they will become potentially be the largest consumer segment in the world which could boost L’Oreal Paris market shares. By developing brand loyalty now, L’Oreal Paris will be able to capitalize on the growing demand for male skin care. As L’Oreal Paris already holds a strong brand image with their female product lines, it may be easier to establish a new product line on the basis of their established quality.

Although there are three possible competitors to L’Oreal Paris, the company hopes to price L’Oreal Paris to appeal to middle class males to reflect their outstanding quality. It may be difficult to break through the noise of all the competitors’ advertising but L’Oreal Paris can minimize the effects of their competitors’ advertising by utilizing innovative and creative techniques.

2: Situation/Environment Analysis
2.1: SWOT Analysis

* Well known brand name
* Top three selling brands for color cosmetics in female market (Euromonitor International, 2007) * Already established
* Multinational expertise
* Have expanded globally in 26 countries (L’Oreal Paris, n.d.) * Can use knowledge acquired through those expansions and apply to China * Research and development
* Spends 3.5% of revenue (Euromonitor International, 2007) * Can distinguish different needs of target and adapt—easy access to market research

* Global brand coordination
* Difficulties in consistent campaign, look, price
* Inconsistent brand image
* Cost structure
* China has limited resources that are needed to manufacture (Euromonitor International, 2005) * Employment
* China lacks top management that are native to the country * Chinese executive can provide insights
* Will not offend public if there is understanding of culture

* Internet Shopping
* Internet usage almost tripled since 2002 (Euromonitor International, 2008) * Cheap and convenient to shoppers
* Allows for Customer Relationship Management and data mining options * Co-Branding Opportunities
* Can decrease advertising costs
* Partner with movies for product placement rights
* Acquisition of Domestic Brands
* Increase market share--case of Mininurse (Euromonitor International, 2007) * Retain customers loyal to brand—build customer base to try new products

* Political Climate
* Censorship...

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