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Team Image Parfaite Pre-Case Study
Akila Devers
Stephanie Heyligar
Khadidjatou Camara

I. Current Offering of the L’Oréal Paris Brand
L’Oréal Paris is just one of the many global consumer product brands owned by the megacorporation L’Oréal. Natalie Cristo, the Senior Vice President of L’Oréal Paris, stated that L’Oréal Paris is the flagship brand of the company and that it celebrates the value of the consumer (Jeffries, 2011). With a legendary slogan, “Because you’re worth it”, L’Oréal Paris emanates femininity, modernity, and quality L’Oréal’s annual report for 2011 stated that ‘behind this slogan, which was revolutionary at the time, lies the vision of a sophisticated and elegant woman, who asserts her personality and is ready to take on the world’. In order to fulfill this image, the brand offers multiple product lines in the categories of skincare, cosmetics, hair color, hair care, and styling (hair). The brand has also been able to revitalize its image by including a men (hair and skin) category in order to tap into a new market. This brand is a major competitor in the global consumer products industry and can be found in almost every continent. L’Oréal Paris’ sub-brands under the hair care and styling category are Ever, L’Oréal Kids, Vive Pro, Studio, Elnett Satin, and Elseve (ASEAN) or Elvive (Europe). For this case, however, the focus will be on the brand’s hair care and styling categories in the ASEAN strategic hub, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and India.

II. Competition
The ASEAN region is the largest regional emerging market in the world with India being the largest emerging market in the world, next to Brazil. There is increasing social and business activity due to rapid growth and industrialization. Nevertheless, everyone wants to invest there. Competition is increasing in every industry, as companies not only compete for ASEAN resources, but the

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