making and receiving telephone cals

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The Learner will:
1.Understand how to make telephone calls.

1.2 Give reasons for identifying the purpose of a call before making it. To not waste time, so you are aware what information you need and are therefore able to ask the right questions. It is also important as you will sound professional and organised, which will reflect well upon the company you work for. It may be a good idea to have a checklist written down of all you need to know, this way you won’t forget anything and you can avoid having to call back later for forgotten information. This will prove to be a much more efficient way of working and save time. For example: If I was at work and I needed to phone a GP surgery to do with a fax that they’d sent through. I would firstly make sure I had the fax in front of me with the relevant patient information on. This way when I speak to the surgery I will have all the information to hand they may initially ask for before they are then able to assist me with my query. It is important to think through a conversation before making the call to ensure you are prepared and have the knowledge they may need. Again if I was phoning another department within the hospital trying to locate a set of patient notes I would make sure I could tell them, the patient name and medical record number, where the notes are traced to on the computer and on what day, time and by who, if they have any appointments booked soon and where and if there was any useful information on the most recent pin note, all of this would help narrow down the search to locate the patient’s notes.

1.3 Describe different ways of obtaining the names and numbers of people that need to be contacted. If you know the name of the company you need to contact then you could look up their contact details on their website on the Internet. You could also use an online phone book like the yellow pages website for most contact details. You could simply ask someone within your office/department if they have the contact details to hand as it may have been someone they have dealt with before. At Musgrove we have the intranet, our internal website, on this you can find lots of information about the hospital, including an internal directory, where you can find out anyone’s extension number who works within the hospital by adding in their name or department. I also have a list of contacts on my pin board for numbers within our department and for the rest of the hospital. If I need to make calls to GP surgeries or surrounding hospitals I usually go on google and find them easily that way.

1.4 Describe how to use a telephone system to make contact with people inside and outside an organisation.
In Musgrove we have a system that I imagine is the same with most businesses. To make an outside call you simply press 9 to gain an outside line and then type in the number you require, including the area code if needed. With internal calls you simply need to enter the 4 digit extension number for the appropriate person in the appropriate department. If you are unsure of the extension number for the call you need to make internally you can simply go on Musgrove’s intranet and use their internal directory. Here you can enter their name and/or department and it will bring up their contact information i.e email address and extension number.

1.6 Explain the purpose of summarising the outcomes of a telephone conversation before ending the call. It is important to make sure and clarify that all the information is correct and accurate so you are both aware of agreed times and goals etc, avoiding any confusion. It will avoid wires getting crossed as it is not recorded like in an email to look over after, this is also why it’s always advisable to make a note of the telephone conversation.

1.7 Describe how to identify problems and who to refer them to. If someone phones the department with a problem...
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