Maker space

Topics: Maker Faire, Learning, Lee David Zlotoff Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: December 31, 2014
Maker space: 3d thumb printer. In hour or 2.
Bio medical engineering. Change it up. Look different. Start $1500. Can get donations Community retired, come in and share knowledge that students ask. Piaget: knowledge cms from action. Power of lrning through active discovery. Fail: get to re-do to get it.

Create recipes.
Create from paper towel rolls, glue, wood, nails, power tools. Coding for computers.
What? Connect, lego robotics, dowels, put together robots, soldering w/ safety glasses, music with bananas, sewing.. led lights into skirt, how to make works. When? 21005: Make Magazine – Nashville Maker Faire

Maker Bot Kits 2009: 3 d printer
2011 Raspberry Pi. Maker board
2014: National Day of Making
Faire: show off what made and how.
Why? Differentiates instruction
Engages students in learning
Let them connect their ideas to lessons they are learning
Teach skills to help the rest of their lives: how to follow step by step instructions Let them fail and learn from mistakes.
4 stages of making:
1. Getting started: how begin, try, test, re-do
2. Experimenting: take failure, discuss, research, work it again 3. Prototyping: become comfortable to make/create with material constraints and how get it: donations, raise money. Grit, perserverence, increase confidence, work through ambiguity 4. Integrating Feedback: making is process, reflect and share what you’ve done/learned. Communication, deep understanding, openness to feedback, smtms critical, listen and think critically. How to Integrate Making into education

Invent to Learn have 54 boards. Much re stem/steam (arts added)

Makey, makey: circuit board w/ wires: creates electrical circuit: up down left right, with ground
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