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Sat Essay

By raymondzhu Sep 09, 2013 415 Words
Do people put too much emphasis on learning practical skills?

From the day some one is born, they are taught new concepts everyday. Some skills may be useful later on in life and others are just plain nonsense. Although many people disregard what others have taught them, it is necessary to obtain such basic skills in order to live life to its full potential. Our world, and its people would not be where they are today without the practical skills that have been used.

Franklin D. Roosevelt exemplified the importance of practicality during his presidency. He entered into office during a time of a great depression and low morale of the American people. In order to remove America from this horrific phase, he enabled his practical skills and created the New Deal. The New Deal created programs such as the Social Security Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act which led Americans to realize how important practical things are in life. FDR presented the idea that the easiest skill to obtain is patriotism for the United States and that was fully accomplished with the New Deal. FDR was a very practically based president and ultimately led America in the right direction.

The use of practical skills can also be found in everyday life. Ever since I was a child, I was taught to be responsible. My mother told me that this was a necessary skill and that it would benefit me later on in life. So , I would always take out the garbage, clean my room and finish my homework. In my freshman year, I was nominated and elected to be a part of my school’s leadership because I was such a responsible student. The practical skill of responsibility led me into an activity that I still enjoy participating in today.

An example of practicality within literature is Holden Caughfield in The Catcher in the Rye. Holden’s desire for childhood is caused by his inability to perform complicated tasks in the adult world. Childhood is full of innocence and easy decision making and Holden never wanted to leave this realm due to fear and low confidence. Holden is taught practical skills in the book and eventually makes the most difficult choice of all and that is to grow up.

Practical skills can lead many people to success if they are used in the correct way. It is our decision if we want to use what we have learnt and live to our fullest potential.

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