Mission Trip

Topics: Catholic Church, Trip, North Dakota Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Doricia Flores
Ms. Babcock
Senior English – period 3
10 October 2012

July came more quickly than I had planned. Before I knew it, it was time to go on the mission trip I had nonchalantly signed up for at church over the winter. Even after going to the informational meeting about the trip to North Dakota, I was still less than enthusiastic. I had Signed up only as a favor to my parents so I could put some more volunteer hours on my college applications. I was disappointed to find out that only one of my friends was coming on the trip and all other participants were younger than me. I left for the reservation of Mandaree, North Dakota, feeling sorry for myself because I would be missing precious days of summer lounging. I put on a happy face for the twelve hour car ride with the group but dreaded finally arriving at the small Catholic Church we would be staying in for the following week. Two days after arriving at Mandaree, kids from the reservation between the ages of 6-14 began to arrive. They would be staying overnight at church for the next five days. Our group put together activities such as sports games, crafts, slip-and-slides, horseback riding, and a daily religion lesson. All I wanted was for the week to pass by as quickly as possible so I decided to put as much effort into the day to day activities as I could. When I put my feelings aside, I began to have as much fun as the kids were having and time flew by. As each day passed, I became more involved in the games and activities. I also became more involved with the kids from the Reservation. During the craft or small group religion lessons I was able to learn more about each individual child little by little. This one on one time showed me how different life in Mandaree was than in Bloomington, Minnesota. Their culture and heritage was something I found extremely interesting, I wanted to learn more. The importance and value of family seemed much more prominent to...
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