Maintenance of vertical roller mill in the break-in period

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Maintenance of vertical roller mill in the break-in period

vertical roller mill is the key equipment for grinding after the crushing process, which is widely used in the manufacture industries, such as cement, silicate, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and glass ceramics and can be used for the dry and wet grinding for all kinds of ores and other grind-able materialsWhen wet Ball Mill works, certain water and other liquid will be added into to increase the flowability of materials, When dry Ball Mill works, capacity is affected because material flowability is reduced, so absorbing wind device is needed on the outlet of Ball Mill, and then negative pressure is formed in the Ball Mill to increase flowability of material, so the capacity is increased.

Maintenance method of vertical roller mill in the break-in period:

we should regular check the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil, and pay attention to check the tightness of machineIt is recommended to add lubrication oil to the lubrication points in the break-in period (special request except).

we should keep the machine clean and timely adjust and tighter the loose parts to prevent the unnecessary wear and looses.

we should also maintenance the vertical roller mill after the break-in period and do a good job in regular checkAt the same time we should pay more attention to the oil exchange.

for the vertical roller mill is a professional machine, the operator must receive the special training and get full understanding of the structure and performance of vertical roller millBefore operating the worker must first read the instruction booklet thoroughly and operate the machine strictly according to the instructions.

the work load of ball bill in the break-in period is generally less than % of the rated working loadThe work amount should be in a suitable scope to prevent overheating caused by long period...
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