Topics: Male, Female, Sex Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Magazine Research and Review For this paper I chose to compare Time Magazine for the News, Discover Magazine for the research-journal, and Mens Health for the health-related. First, I will be comparing the percentage of advertisements verses editorial copy, who the ads are aimed at, as well as how they are portrayed. Second, the number of males compared to females portrayed in pictures, number of people in ethnic groups, and lastly the number of writers with male names compared to female names along with more details. First I will talk about the percentage of advertisements compared to editorial copy in each magazine. After looking through all of the magazines, Mens Health ended up having the most advertisements. With an estimate around thirty percent editorial copy and seventy percent advertisements a big majority of the magazine was ad content. Most of these advertisements were full page and visually compelling. What I mean be visually compelling is that all the people portrayed in the ads were good looking, perhaps nearly perfect looking models. Along with the good looking models, if there was a product being promoted, that product was modeled perfectly with the design of the page. Because this is a “mens magazine” pretty much all the advertisements were aimed at men, I'm guessing adults around the age of twenty one to fifty. Next for the news magazine I chose Time Magazine. Time, compared to Mens Health had much more editorial copy, with around eighty five percent editorial and fifteen percent advertisement. The advertisements in Time Magazine were a little different to Mens Health in that they were not as visually compelling in my opinion. There was a mix of full page ads and ads mixed in with articles. Although Time has much less advertisements, the ads were not as enjoyable, (this could partly be because they are not aimed at me). Which leads to the next part of this comparison. I would guess that the advertisements in Time are aimed more towards adults...
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