Machiavelli's The Prince

Topics: Florence, Mercenary, Lorenzo de' Medici Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: July 23, 2014
Mason Sansone

1.) Machiavelli wrote The Prince to win the favor and trust of Lorenzo de' Medici. 2.) Three recurring themes in The Prince is statemenship & warcraft, goodwill & hatred, and freewill. 3.) The role of armies according to Machiavelli is to defend the kingdom, and to expand into new territories. He also advises against the use of mercenaries because they lack conviction to the war effort and they will turn on the prince if they are offered enough money. 4.) He says that because that would be the most ideal for a prince, but he also says that it is better to be feared because fear is supported by pain which is always present, and love is a bond which men will break. I think a prince should be loved, but you can't do much unless you are feared by some people. 5.) Three bits of advice Machiavelli gives the prince is to arm your subjects, don't encourage factions, and to rely on subjects who are supicious in the beggining. 6.) For a prince to be esteemed he must set a fine and rare example, to make a great enterprise, and to be either a true friend or a true enemy, no in between. 7.) 1). Wisdom- a prince must be knowledgeable in the art of war in order to conquer new territory and defend his own. 2.) Nobl- a prince must be noble in order to be loved. 3.) Kind- a prince must also be kind to be loved. 4). Observant- a prince must always be vigilant for any developing problems or advantages. 5.) Luck- it never hurts a prince to be a little lucky. 6.) Paranoid of his advisors- a good prince is always watching for backstabbing as well as battle wounds. 7.) General wisdom- a prince should be wise in ways of the world, and perhaps well-read too. 8.) Wary of despise- if a prince tries to rule a country that hates him, he will soon be thrown away. 9.) Trust no one- people will betray the strongest of alliances with the smallest amounts of greed. 10.) Courage and strength- necessary qualities of every great ruler in history.
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