Plato Vs Machiavelli Leadership Essay

Topics: Political philosophy, The Prince, Cesare Borgia, The Art of War, Florence, Machiavellianism / Pages: 3 (566 words) / Published: Jan 15th, 2016
Consummately antithesis of what Plato says would assist in being a good leader and what a leader should fixate on, Machiavelli verbalizes that there should be nothing on the prince's (leader) mind other than mastering the art of war. A leader should fixate on the mechanics of war. Study it at all times. Know your opponent. War, to Machiavelli, is described as an art which needed the full attention of the designer. The only way to be head of the state and to win is to know this art. Have it thoroughly mastered not just mentally but also physically. Furthermore, prepare your mind, body, and soul. Learn how to be outdoors and the type of toll it would take on one’s body so you will not fall week during the real thing. Build one’s mind up to be vigorous and to be able to stand any additional mental strain and stress that may come during the genuine event of a war so that one could not be broken. Study how your opposing party handles their battles and their aspects of war. Learn and …show more content…
However, Machiavelli, no matter how extreme, violent at times, rigorous, and blunt he may come across, by setting examples and guides structured around the utilization of ruthlessness and egocentric cunning as the process of gaining political power, showed what a clear mind he had on what it takes to be an awe-inspiring leader, master of the art of winning a battle, and conquering lands. In this paper, by comparing the two, human nature and political potency, through the use of different ideologies of both, Plato and Machiavelli, corroborated that they were very powerful, unparalleled influences in the philosophy of human nature and the processes of political power as theorist of their

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