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Topics: Light, Integer, Elementary algebra Pages: 2 (257 words) Published: June 4, 2015
Assignment: Distributive Property Problem Set
Write an equation to solve each problem. Apply the distributive property and show all the steps needed to find the solution. Think about whole numbers to use to solve each problem. Write a sentence that tells the answer to the problem.

1. Mr. Davis bought solar lights for a pathway at his house. The lights cost $29.95 each and have an additional delivery charge of $2.00 per light. How much did Mr. Davis pay for seven solar lights with delivery?

2. It costs Edgar $2.65 one way to ride the bus to work. He uses the bus to go to and from work four days per week. He buys a bottle of water that costs $1.45 on his way to work each day. How much does it cost Edgar to ride the bus and buy water for one week?

3. According to the 2010 FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) Rules casebook, the playing court is the area bounded by the court lines. Each side of the court is a rectangle measuring 8 meters by 4 meters. Draw a picture and label the dimensions of the entire court. Then use the distributive property to find the area of the playing court.

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4. Create your own real-world scenario that requires the use of the distributive property. Write the problem and show all the steps needed to find the answer. Draw a picture to help solve the problem. Then include a description on how this problem uses the distributive property.

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