unit 8 Pharm assignment

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HS140 Unit 8 Assignment: Calculating Doses of Nonparenteral Medications

Case Study:
Emma comes to the medical office with symptoms of urinary frequency and burning. She is diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and is prescribed a sulfonamide and Pyridium.

1) What is the purpose of the sulfonamide, and what patient education would you provide? (5 points)
Sulfonamide is used to treat different types of infections caused by bacteria and other microorganism. Also, sulfonamide can interact with a huge amount of medication. The side effects are mild diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, loss of appetite, and tiredness. These problems usually go away as the body adjust to the medication and no medical treatment is required. Then I would give Emma a list of drug interactions and side effects 2) What is the purpose of pyridium, and what patient education would you provide? (4 points) Pyridium acts locally I the urinary tract to produce analgesic or anesthetic effects, which releases urinary burning, urgency, and frequency. She would need to contact her doctor if symptoms don’t improve or if her skin or eyes became yellow. Also, tell her that the medication may discolor her urine and tears and also stain clothing and contact lenses. Please complete the calculation problems below, showing your work. Each question is worth 8 points. “Ordered” refers to what strength/ dosage the physician requested. “On hand” refers to what is available.

1. Ordered: 600mcg
On hand: 0.15 mg tablets
How many tablets do you need?
600mcg/150mcg=4 tabs

2. Ordered: 1.2g
On hand: 400 mg/tab
How many tablets do you need?

3. Ordered: 1500 Units of a parenteral medication, IM
On hand 10,000 Units/ml

How many mL’s do you need?
1ml=10,000units so 1500/10,000=.15ml

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amoxil 125 mg/...
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