Lying: Big Lie

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Chelsea Uhlir
English 4

Consider thinking about the controversial issue on lying. People usually don’t particularly care about the little white lies, but lying is never a good solution in any situation, because whether it’s a small lie or a big lie, there is always some form of consequence to each and every fib. There are a few certain articles such as, “A Philosopher on Lying,” by Immanuel Kant who also believe lying should not be tolerated in any way.

Just like in the article I mentioned earlier, “A Philosopher on Lying,” a German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, explains his point of view on lying. Every lie is dangerous; the size of the lie doesn’t matter. As Kant states in the article, “Don’t tell someone a lie, because then you are not treating the person with respect, as an individual.” If everyone would just imagine the person who they’re lying to, using that same lie towards themselves, they wouldn’t feel very good. If someone believes that the right thing to do is lie, no matter the situation, then everyone else should get the right to lie too. One lie leads to another in most cases, which turns into a huge mess of lies, and that could end up hurting everyone in the end.

If someone lies to protect a friend or a family member, is it really being used in the proper situation? Well, it’s only going to hurt the person more in the end, rather than telling the truth in the beginning. If they attempt to keep in a big secret, especially from a close one, it may tear their relationship apart just knowing how long they kept that information from them. It would be much easier and highly worth it to just get the secret over with in the beginning. Keeping in a huge secret from someone has many bad side effects; however, people need to keep in mind that if that person kept something from them, they wouldn’t be happy either. According to an interview, “Brad Blanton: Honestly, Tell the Truth,” Blanton states...
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