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Topics: Transgender, Emotion, Julie Anne Peters Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: October 20, 2012
When I first saw this book, I wasn't really sure what to expect of it, Luna by Julie Anne Peters. I thought totally negative about this book, I should have known better, because it turns out to be by far one of my favorite books. I was thrilled as I continued to read and notice that this is an absolute unique book. Not because it's about transgenders - who are people that feel as if they were 'born in the wrong body' - but it's because it's in a different view of living in the fear of homophobia, as this was written by the point of view of a person closest to a transgender.

Regan's older brother, Liam, seems like a usual teenage boy: Straight A's, great side job, nice car, stylish, and quite friendly. However, during the night, he would dress up in women's clothing and show the femininity of his appearance as Luna, his considered 'real' personality. Regan is the only one who knows about Liam/Luna's feeling, and she can't get over the fact that her brother is living a two lives in one body. Regan's daily life consists of helping Liam/Luna cover up the truth, and being the only person that Liam/Luna can talk to about being transgender.

First off, the plot. I love that it discusses something as really misunderstood as transgender, and that the author didn't shrink about laying the truth about transgenders - the difficulties they face, the confusion, and the thoughts from other people. The main misunderstanding that transgenders are automatically 'gay' was also touched upon, and although there were a few story-related questions bugging me by the end of the novel, it was very helpful to read such an honest description of a person in this situation. It also sent a message to teenagers, whether or not you're transgender, gay, lesbian, etc. The message is acceptance. Acceptance of who you really are. In this case, since this is told from Regan's point of view, it taught her not just acceptance of Liam's situation, but acceptance of herself as well.

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