Universal Myth

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, American films Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: May 15, 2014
Step-Up: Universal Myth
One day, Tyler, Mac, and Skinny, running around causing trouble in Baltimore, are throwing things at each when and one object hit and smashed the window in at the Maryland School of the Arts (MSA). Getting caught damaging the theater set, Tyler tells Mac and Skinny to leave so they do not get caught. Consequently, Tyler has two hundred hours of community service in “payback” of the destruction at MSA. During his community service, Tyler meets a girl named Nora, and offers to dance with her for her senior showcase. Tyler Gage, showing complete and opposite feelings for being a goodie-good, Tyler proves all-wrong. The universal myth Step Up proves that trust, loyalty, and forgiveness promote long lasting friendships.

Through his journey, Tyler struggles to be loyal to his friends and gain their trust. After he shows all interest and honesty to dance with Nora, his new challenge is to show up for dance rehearsal at two-thirty everyday, Tyler, again, struggles with this task taken upon him. Being yelled at for being late is too much for him to handle so he quits on Nora. “I don’t see you trying out to do nothing, you quit everything you start and you know it.” Mac says this to Tyler and it really touches him in a positive way to become more committed to what he starts. Tyler realizes that he can not quit and he must stick it through. After quitting on Nora, Tyler begins to change his attitude towards others and this proves Tyler is ready to change to become a more committed, loyal, and trust worthy person as a whole.

In Tyler’s attempt to become more committed and loyal to his friends, Tyler undergoes several significant transformations to gain trust back to promote long lasting friendships. After Mac, Tyler’s close friend, tells Tyler the truth about his actions and how he never sticks through anything he starts, Tyler apologizes to Nora for quitting on her and making the wrong decision without thinking it through. Not only does Tyler...
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