Creative Myth

Topics: Lightning, Tropical cyclone, Precipitation Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: June 26, 2011
kevin chen
Mr. Gulack
English 1, period 7
24 May 2011

Creative myth

Before days, people were as tall as mountains. They walked on everything they come across. But one day there was a hero named Wu Long. He had killed lots of villains and has saved the people in the country. He had control of two powers that had been pasted to him by his family. One is the “fire eternal flame”. That could kill anyone if you’re the target. Also the other power he had is o He had two types of secret weapon in his pockets. One is the hand bladed, is a spearheaded shaped knives, complete with a handle and a hole. It doubles as a light weight throwing knife and close combat melee weapon. The hole may be attached to string or wires. Due to the versatility of this multi-purpose knife it is used commonly by Wu long’s family only. The second Weapon he uses is called a twin bladed knife. Rather than having a hole at the end of the handle, this knife has another spearheaded blade. It is twice as efficient as a close-combat weapon, compared to the regular blade. However, it may also pose dangerous to the wielder for when used in a thrusting stance; the other twin blade would be pointed in the user’s direction and could be used against them.

Peter Qin
Mr. Gulack
English 1, Period 7
25 May 2011

Creative Myth

Since the time the Earth was orbiting around the Great Star, there has been chilling storms rumbling about around our world. These storms that send shivers up spines, but also calm the nerves are what human like to call thunderstorms. These thunderstorms consist of a wide variety of rain, a variety of colors of lightning, and loud, deafening roars of thunder. Some spit out life threatening tornados, hurricanes, and tsunamis. The question remains, where do these acts of nature come from? While some people have their own stories, one story stands out and is logged into the minds of many people. It all began with the first storm that shook the Earth millions of years...
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