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Chapter 2

Processing systems process data, decisions on the type of processing systems (these are known as modes of operation/ operational modes) should be taken during the design phase of the systems life cycle. The operating system manages the functioning of the operational mode that is being used. Batch:

Process batches of data at regular intervals. The amount of data processed is usually large with the data being of identical type. Batch processing could be used to produce utility bills, bank statements or payroll data. The data in the batch system is collected together into batches sent for processing, stored and processed at an appropriate time. No user interaction is needed in a batch processing system. The time when the batch processing is carried out is usually when there is less demand for the processor – less disruption to daily work. Disadvantage – the delay hours/days between collecting the data and receiving the output. The user interface requirements of a batch processing system tend to be code based. Payroll processing is one of the most common uses for batch processing systems. Each pay date the payroll details of each employee are collected. These details are then processed with reference to a master file which holds the details of employees hourly pay rates, tax and national insurance details. The output from the system is the payslips for all employees. Interactive:

Also known as a transactional processing system. This type of system handles transactions one at a time. Each transaction must be fully processed the response given to the user and any associated files updated before the next transaction is processed. The amount of date input from each transaction is generally pretty small and usually entered, interactively, by the user using a form on a screen. The input method is usually by means of a keyboard. The user inputs response to pr-defined questions on an input form which is displayed on a GUI. A database is then searched based...
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