Payroll System

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Business are arising in all the sides of the globe. Man power are very much well present in every business there is. This project allows the speed up the process of calculating payrolls with the capability of generating reports.

B.) Problem definition

In today's world. The bigger the company, the higher the possibility that the calculations of salaries to employees would be a great disaster to the company itself. The system has the capability of doing calculation with major vast of people which is hard to monitor. It speeds up the calculation of payrolls for the employees, insuring that the payment are both accurate and precise.

One of the major problem that the system could not do is to render the specific time for every transaction of employees in each company.

C.) Objectives of the study

The main goal is to give the system that can provide and enhance their existing system in order for them to accurately monitor the attendance of each employee and to minimize their workloads with regards on computing salaries loan and cash advances.

D.) Terms of references of the study

By giving this fee services. The company has to give us full access to the system that the company uses or the data's concerning the employees and their backgrounds. In return, the system that we'll provide would be free of charge. This is for research purposes.

E.)Expected Benefit

Payroll System is the heart of any human resource system of an organization. The solution has to take care of the calculation of salary as per rules of the company. In this study we used to developed computer based payroll system to improve a faster, easier and reliable of way of payroll. It helps the staff of the company for easy filing and conducting their finance share in every employee, clerk and maintenance of their company.

Payroll system can be used to speed up the process of...
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