Implementation Plan

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The Implementation Plan describes how the information system will be deployed, installed and transitioned into an operational system. The plan contains an overview of the system, a brief description of the major tasks involved in the implementation, the overall resources needed to support the implementation effort (such as hardware, software. facilities, materials, and personnel), and any site-specific implementation requirements. The plan is developed during the Design Phase and is updated during the Development Phase; the final version is provided in the Integration and Test Phase and is used for guidance during the Implementation Phase. The outline shows the structure of the Implementation Plan. 1INTRODUCTION

This section provides an overview of the information system and includes any additional information that may be appropriate. 1.1Purpose
This section describes tile purpose of the Implementation Plan. Reference the system name and identify information about the system to be implemented. 1.2System Overview
This section provides a brief overview of the system to be implemented, including a description of the system and its organization. 1.2.1System Description
This section provides an overview of the processes the system is intended to support. If the system is a database or an information system, provide a general discussion of the description of the type of data maintained and the operational sources and uses of those data. 1.2.2System Organization

This section provides a brief description of system structure and the major system components essential to the implementation of the system. It should describe both hardware and software, as appropriate. Charts, diagrams, and graphics may be included as necessary. 1.3Project References

This section provides a bibliography of key project references and deliverables that have been produced before this point in the project development. 1.4Glossary
Provide a glossary of all terms and abbreviations used in the manual. If it is several pages in length, it may be placed in an appendix. 2MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW
The subsequent sections provide a brief description of the implementation and major tasks involved in this section. 2.1Description of Implementation
This section provides a brief description of the system and the planned deployment, installation, and implementation approach. 2.2Points of Contact
In this section, identify the System Proponent, the name of the responsible organization(s), and titles and telephone numbers of the staff who serve as points of contact for the system implementation. These points of contact could include the Project Manager. Program Manager, Security Manager. Database Administrator, Configuration Management Manager, or other managers with responsibilities relating to the system implementation. The site implementation representative for each field installation or implementation site should also he included, if appropriate. List all managers and staff with whom the implementation must be coordinated. 2.3Major Tasks

This section provides a brief description of each major task required for the implementation of the system. Add as many subsections as necessary to this section to describe all the major tasks adequately. The tasks described in this section are not site-specific, but generic or overall project tasks that are required to install hardware and software, prepare data, and verify the system. Include the following information for the description of each major task, if appropriate:

What the task will accomplish
Resources required to accomplish the task
Key person(s) responsible for the task
Criteria for successful completion of the task
Examples of major tasks are the following:
Providing overall planning and coordination for the implementation •Providing appropriate training for personnel
Ensuring that all manuals applicable to the implementation effort are...
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