Hris Implementation
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1.1 Reason for Implementation

This document details the reason for implementation of a complete payroll and HR system and the benefits this IT system will bring to the HR department.

In this document it will also outline the implementation of the HR/Payroll system and project implementation that will comprise.

1.2 HRIS systems enable HR to drive business performance

Pressures to meet customer and stakeholder requirements have made accurate measurement a necessity in order to demonstrate value. HRIS can do the basics brilliantly in terms of improving the efficiency of HR processes. But well implemented systems have the potential to drive business performance, as well as providing effective means of employee engagement and communication.

They can provide accurate statistics enabling HR professionals to identify areas that managers can work on to improve performance and productivity of teams. But failing to invest the resources required and cutting corners or costs early on will leave businesses losing out in the long-term.

2.0 Management Summary

These systems are enabling HR teams to generate current and reliable HR data to enable the business to make better informed decisions. This is boosting the credibility of HR, and enabling HR professionals to strongly support the case for people management and development.

2.1 Benefits of introducing ADP Payroll solution

• Easy to access and easy to use • Greater efficiency and accuracy • Supporting business decisions • Risk Mitigation • Cost reduction • Freed resources • Adapting to business changes • Improved quality • speed flexibility • reducing the administrative burden • Improved services

2.2 Reasons for implementation

Current administrative burden is extremely high, due to entering the data on four different systems and then

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