Case Study 1 -1 Reality Checks: Ideal Versus Actual Performance Management System

Topics: Performance management, Goal, Management Pages: 5 (1291 words) Published: January 7, 2011

Strategic congruence
The individual goals are aligned with unit and organization goals? Yes, as in my organization (etisalat Misr) we are working as a team but individually solving individual cases to achieve our SLA which is aligned with organization goal, so we can’t achieve our organization’s Goals without congruence   -------------------------------------------------

Yes but not all times
* All employees are evaluated
Yes we have 4 times appraisal per year to evaluate every employees regarding KPIS * Evaluation includes performance spanning the entire review period? Yes, the evaluation should include performance spanning the entire review period, to know what your points of strength & weakness so you can avoid your mistake in the coming period to be exits as a market leader

* All major job responsibilities are evaluated

* Feedback is provided on both positive and negative performance.

Feedback is really important for any organization which allows managers to Coach employees and help them to improve performance on an ongoing basis, also help employees to know where they are & what they have to do to improve their performance

At etsialat as one of the biggest telecommunication company in the Middle East & Africa we have to depend on a good HR system to achieve organizational goals and to be a market leader (for example, performance data are entered via user -friendly software) are available for managers to help them make decisions. Finally, the benefits of using the system (for example, increased performance and job satisfaction) must be seen as outweighing the costs (for example, time, effort, expense).


The system must be meaningful in several ways. First, the standards and evaluations conducted for each job function must be considered important and relevant. Second, performance assessment must emphasize only those functions that are under the control of the employee


Detailed guide line no provide to all employee or not clear enough to know the specific Job description at least to know what excepted from them and how they can meet these expectation or what’s their exact role , but somehow you may know that by time which is not logic at all

Identification of effective and ineffective performance

The performance management system should provide information that allows for the identification of effective and ineffective performance. The system allow for distinguishing between effective and ineffective behaviors and results, thereby also allowing for the identification of employees displaying various levels of performance effectiveness. In terms Of decision making, a system that classifies or ranks all levels of performance, and all employees


A good system should include measures of performance that are consistent and free of error. For example, if two supervisors or two managers provided ratings of the same employee and Performance dimensions, ratings should be similar, and that’s what I see in (etisalat misr ) as we have a standard of evaluation but some element different according to the department it self


The measures of performance should also be valid. Validity refers to the fact that the measures include all relevant performance facets and do not include irrelevant performance facets. In other words, measures are relevant (include all critical performance facets), not deficient (do not Leave any important aspects out), finally measures includes what is important and do not assess what is not important and outside of the control of the employee

Acceptability & Fairness

System must be acceptable & fairness and the participants whom can only judge the system, For example if we will apply a new policy or we will add a new role for an employee it must be acceptable...
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