Louis Vuitton in Japan

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Louis Vuitton in Japan Case Study
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What has made LV’s business model successful in the Japanese Luxury Market? Japanese luxury market has often placed the greater deal about value on quality along with exclusivity of the products that are being offered as well as it is the critical success factor for the luxury brands within Japan. Fact, which Louis Vuitton has regularly concentrated on enhancing the quality of their product portfolio, has been the important element towards brand’s success in between Japanese luxury market. What made LV’s business model successful within Japanese Luxury has been most important because of the aggressive marketing strategy that they have adopted in the entire nation. Rather with its heritage, “savoir-faire à la française”, constant innovation, quality of its products along with the offered lifetime repair guarantees, LV’s has managed making their Japanese consumers loyal to brand along with succeeded to build their empire within the Japan. What are the opportunities and challenges for LV in Japan?

Features of evolution of ageing Japanese population might be the option for Louis Vuitton, like wealthier families along with old women with enhanced buying power, however establishing the Internet business, application for the smart phones and also expending the newer range of products for men as well as kids might be next step for enhancing growth within the Japanese Luxury market. Challenges

Changes within the Japanese society along with mindset have been the biggest challenge for Louis Vuitton. New generation does not have similar vision as earlier one along with with gloomy economic context they have lesser inclined towards tolerating the high prices, which was earlier developed desirability. However, entry of the fast fashion brand like ZARA, H&M, UNIQLO in Japanese market, providing the quality at the competitive price shook up market share of present luxury...
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