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Los Angeles in a Day
I just left the ZBT fraternity house on a traditional, sunny, early fall Saturday morning in Los Angeles and cruised down the 5 freeway on towards Disneyland. Driving along with a few pledge bros in the Toyota 4Runner, we began our pledge class scavenger hunt for the day with Disneyland being the first destination. On our way, we did not encounter the typical, drive you insane, never ending, Los Angeles traffic constantly on the 5 freeway and were able to breeze their within a half-hour. Born and raised in St. Louis all my life, I was especially anxious for this day, being it was my first time exploring different tourist attractions in Los Angles and I did not know what to anticipate. Once we arrived, I expected Disneyland to be like the theme park that’s at home, Six Flags. From the parking lot, the parks seemed similar where the roller coasters, ferris wheel, and other tall attractions were visible from a couple miles away, the smell of the usual theme park foods like cotton-candy, popcorn, and funnel cakes was in the air, and there were countless of amounts of young families visible everywhere. However, once we all got closer to the park I acknowledged certain things that I did not expect. Although there were a lot of families which I expected, I noticed a different type of crowd. Unlike at home where Six Flags is swarming with many rednecks that live outside of St. Louis, this crowd was totally diverse with a mix of different types of people, composed

of either the local upper class families from around the Orange County area, or tourists, primarily foreign, with many from China. I was surprised at the lack of teenagers, specifically college and high students roaming around the park goofing off and having a good time. Once we started to perform our tasks for the scavenger hunt, I quickly realized why. We started to form a pyramid near the entrance of the park with all the guys in my pledge...
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