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Los Angeles

Smog in Los Angeles Smog has been a major problem in megacities all over the world since the creation of the automobile. There are many factors that contribute to smog over Los Angeles, California, but I will focus on the automobile emissions. The word smog is a combination of the words smoke and fog. According to dictionary.com the definition is “smoke or other atmospheric pollutants combined with fog in an unhealthy or irritating mixture.” (dictionary.com). Through out this paper I will...

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Los Angeles Abrasion Test

determined in laboratory by Los Angeles test machine. Many tests have been developed to empirically characterize aggregate properties without, necessarily, strong relationships to the performance of final products incorporating an aggregate. The Los Angeles (L.A.) abrasion test is a common test method used to measure of degradation of mineral aggregates of standard grading resulting from a combination of action including abrasion and grinding. The standard Los Angeles abrasion test is ASTM C131:...

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Los Angeles

ARLT 100g Professor Freeman 4-1-07 Los Angeles in a Day I just left the ZBT fraternity house on a traditional, sunny, early fall Saturday morning in Los Angeles and cruised down the 5 freeway on towards Disneyland. Driving along with a few pledge bros in the Toyota 4Runner, we began our pledge class scavenger hunt for the day with Disneyland being the first destination. On our way, we did not encounter the typical, drive you insane, never ending, Los Angeles traffic constantly on the 5 freeway...

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Urban Planning Gangs in Los Angeles

Urban Planning: Gangs in Los Angeles Yvonne Perry Everest Online Urban Planning: Gangs in Los Angeles For this assignment I spoke with my daughter’s friend who is a gang member in LA to get a little insight into how one becomes drawn to life in a gang. I felt that I could not plan anything for urban Los Angeles without knowing how a young man or women gets involved in gangs. The following is the interview that was conducted on 5/16/2013 between Juan Martinez known on the streets as Lil Hatchet...

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Los Angeles Traffic

Traffic problems in Los Angeles have been a topic of discussion for many years and there are many causes for this occurring problem. Have you ever been sitting in your car in bumper to bumper traffic wondering why traffic isn’t moving? Since Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the nation, it is natural that there are many people traveling to and from daily which causes heavy amounts of traffic in the morning and evening times each day. A drive that is only a few miles can sometimes take...

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Los Angeles Riots

the Defense be able to make against the Prosecution? The Rodney King beating of 1991 was the breaking point for the African Americans and minorities of South Central Los Angeles and all over the country. Because this notorious, yet historical beating was caught on camera, it paved the way for an improved reformation of the Los Angeles Police Department or the LAPD. It also showed the unfair treatment of minorities, not only by police, but by regular people. Rodney Glen King was born in Sacramento...

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Quality of Light in Los Angeles

Quality of Light in Los Angeles Southern California is a region known for its desert like climate and contrasting lighting. This aspect has been the object of fascination for many of its residents following this unique quality. It has been discussed to be a beauty in its own right and spectacular in other ways because of the way it shines and illuminates night and day. This phenomenon is as a result of various factors coming together to bring out an atomic quality of light, viewed across the region...

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Los Angeles Flower District

Los Angeles Flower District Deep within the slums of Downtown Los Angeles rests a complex series of flower markets that make up the Flower District of Los Angeles. Specifically, at the intersection of Wall St. and Eighth St., lie the two largest flower markets in Los Angeles. The Original Los Angeles Flower Market and the Southern California flower market are situated directly across the street from one another. Within these two mega-markets, tons of venders try their hand at selling flowers and...

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Twilight Los Angeles; 1992

Twilight Los Angeles; 1992 very accurately depicts the L.A. Riots. It shows the hardships the citizens of L.A. Underwent during one of the cities most devastating tragedies. The monologues that Smith chooses all show the relationship between greater things than the L.A. Riots such as prejudice and tolerance, guilt and innocence, and class conflicts. These are all issues that are very prominent in most of the monologues. The actual events provide the focus, and stated or implied a reference point...

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Gangs in South Central Los Angeles

Gangs in South Central Los Angeles Gangs run the streets in South Central Los Angeles. They are respected, dangerous, and feared by all who are not involved in gang activity. Two major Los Angeles gangs are the “Bloodz” and the “Crips”. These two gangs are professionals at what they do such as murder, drug trafficking, and avoiding law enforcement. Protecting their territory and fellow gang members resulted in one hundred twenty eight homicides in South Central Los Angeles (Tamara). Gangs run all...

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