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Lord of the Flies poem

By Kaitlyn_Marie_Jeffery Jan 08, 2014 410 Words
A plane crashes out of the sky.

Ralph and Piggy assemble the others by

Using the conch shell as a horn.

And by instinct a leader is born.

Ralph as boss elected Jack a hunter and gave him glory,

But Jack turns savage in the beginning of the story.

In order for them to gain their freedom they need to build a fire.

The group says they're excited to help, what big fat liars!

All the boys do is play and don't work because they're lazy.

Ralph doing all the work drives him crazy!

Ralph talks to jack about his trouble and feelings to share,

But Jack so influenced by violence doesn't care.

While Ralph and Jack were to busy fighting for power,

Simon helped the boys and admired the flowers.

The “littluns” were afraid of this beast which caused complications.

Little did they know it was all in their imagination.

Jack took advantage of the scared boys and made them bloodthirsty.

They believed that the beast wouldn't give them mercy,

So they hunted a pig, named it the Lord of the Flies,cut off his head,

Put it on a sharp stake,and worshiped and hated that thing that was dead.

Ralph and Piggy wanted to talk the group out of their senses,

Instead they got caught up in the chaos they joined their offenses.

Simon knew the beast wasn't real, what a shame!

The beast wanted to have “fun” and Simon lost to his evil game.

Piggy said to himself that they didn't really take part in Simon's death.

Ralph said it was clearly “murder” mumbling under his breath.

They were ambushed by Jack's group that came from the highland.

Jack's group stole Piggy's glasses to make fire,now how will they get off the island?

Ralph's group confronts Jack's group to defend whats right

His plan didn't work and they all got in a fight.

Roger pushed a rock and rolled it by,

The rock hit piggy and he fell off the mountain ready to die.

Jack took Ralph's group away from him now he's all alone.

All he wanted was for them to get rescued, but they just kicked him off his throne.

The fire was created for Ralph to die

Ironically it saves all of their lives

At the site of them being rescued they began to cry

For life will never be the same after going to the island of Lord of the Flies

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