Lord Of The Flies Chapter 1 Summary

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1. How does Ralph react when a boar comes charging down the path?
Ans. When a boar comes charging down the path, Ralph throws a spear at it, hitting it in its nose. Although he didn’t kill the boar, this brings out a new side to Ralph's personality, as he becomes violent and excited about the concept of killing.

2.To what does Ralph's demonstration of his hunting prowess lead?
Ans. Because of Ralph’s demonstration of his hunting skill, he gains respect from all the boys. It makes his position more superior and causes the little ones to fear him. Unfortunately, it also leads to a reenactment of what happened, with a boy named Robert used as the boar. Robert ends up injured and almost killed.

3. What did the boys see on the mountain top?
On the mountaintop, Ralph, Jack and Roger see the corpse of a
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Even though he cant get the boys to vote ralph out of office as chief, Jack manges to overthrow ralph’s authority. He creates a tribe and invites everyone to join him. Some go stay with Jack. However, when Jack catches a pig and offers it along with other food to the boys, almost all those who stayed loyal to Ralph switch to Jack's side.

7. Jack suggests a way to keep the beast happy. What is it?
Jack suggests that in order to keep the beast happy, they should stay off the mountain and give the beast an offering of the sow's head mounted on a stick and its guts.

8. Describe Simon's strange encounter with the Lord of the Flies.
Who or what is the Lord of the Flies?
Simon finds the head of the sow the hunters killed mounted on a stick in the clearing he had previously visited, left as an offering to the beast. He has a hallucination, seeing the pig's head swarming with flies. The head speaks to Simon, as the "Lord of the Flies," explains that he will never be able to escape from the beast, because it lives in all

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