look beyond the latino label

Topics: Hispanic and Latino Americans, Hispanic, California Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Look Beyond the 'Latino" Label Precis Summary
Gregory Rodriguez in the editorial, "Look Beyond the 'Latino' Label", argues that in order for the 'times' to actually look beyond the 'Latino' label like they claim they would like to, they need to stop overusing such vague terms such as 'Hispanics' and 'Latinos' and focus on discerning peoples differences. Rodriguez supports his claim by explaining how using, "these catchall terms undermine the accuracy of stories". For example, he describes how the wife of a basketball player accused of a crime was mentioned in an article about the incident and it described her as simply being 'latina' and nothing more. This just proves the authors point on how using these inexact terms tell a person next to nothing about one another. Rodriguez also notes that he is not arguing to get rid of the term 'Latino' or 'Hispanic' because there are many times when they do apply. Nor was he arguing that " a pan-Latino identity does not exist. it does". He is trying to make it clear that being Latino is a secondary identity and often times flimsy. Lastly Rodriguez claims that today 'Latino' and 'Hispanic' are accepted to much. Overusing them has become a habit of many and does not at all give us and others any understanding of our nation. They are simply to broad and do not depict the dynamism of our quickly developing country. The author's purpose is to inform so that readers of the 'times' and everybody in general can take into consideration his honest proposal. The author writes in an assertive yet formal tone for papers like the LA times and it's readers to at least have this be a start to making a change in the paper.
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