Analysis of Jack Forbes Native Intelligence essay

Topics: United States, Demographics of the United States, Spanish language Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: December 14, 2013
In "Native Intelligence" by Jack Forbes, he precisely argues that all birth certificates record the actual ancestry of a child's four grandparents. Forbes supports this argument by using classical appeals, exigence, and analogy to convey his argument. One of the classical appeals Forbes uses throughout the column is logical appeal. in paragraph 2 he says "For example, an agency may even record a child as being "black" without ever seeing the biological father or knowing anything about his heritage." Forbes supported his argument by simply giving an example of how agencies record inacurate birth information because of their unawareness of the child's actual biological father. Another appeak that Forbes used was ethical appeal. he uses esthical appeal by first bringing to his readers' attention that he has a degree in Native American Studies which immediately supports his argument by persuading the readers to believe that he's accurate in reference to why all birth certificates should record the actual ancestry of a child's four grandparents. Forbes usues exigence to determine his actual argument by stating "One of the weakness of the adoptiong system in the United States has been a failure to obtain adequate ancestry information during the adoption process." He says this to simply say that there is a lack of succcess by the adoptiong system in the U.S. in order to emphasize the claim of all birth certificates needing accurate ancestry information. Throughout paragraphs 2 and 5 Forbes used analogy by showing a similarity between different races of ethnic groups. In paragraph 4, Forbes informs us on why the term "Hispanic" is useless, which is because since 1978 it has been used to identify any person eith a cultural connection to the Spanish Empire being that they aren't even Spanish. Furthermore, paragraph 5 also explains why the term "Latino" is useless and that is the same reason why the term Spanish is useless. He used these examples of analogy in order to...
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