Long Term Objectives of Apple

Topics: Apple Inc., Innovation, IPhone Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Financial objectives:
Constant product innovation (at least two upgrades and one new product launch) to prolong the product lifecycle which will help in maintaining and growing the market share. Current product portfolio (April 2012 sales) is I phone:60%, I Pad:20%, I pod: 13%, Mac 7%

Focus at achieving key performance index which are aligned with the investor’s expectations: oEarnings Per Share = 50
oReturn on Equity= 45%
oCredit Rating: A++ (Superior grade)
oGenerate and maintain positive Cash from Operations

Customer Related objectives
Launch new innovative products to keep the loyal customers intact, build new customer base and gain competitive advantage over the competitors. •Develop strategic approach to grow market share in emerging markets like India. In India apple I phone is still ranked after android supported phones.

Internal Business Processes objectives
Develop ethical suppliers for its products:
Unlike Foxconn (the current supplier of I phone), which usually suffers with labor unrest due to ill and unethical working conditions. In long run Apple should aim at replacing Foxconn with a better and ethical supplier because having associated with such supplier can tarnish the image of Apple and can send wrong signals to shareholders and stake holders. •Develop Research and Development department to identify future product innovation and development opportunities.

Learning & Growth (Employees) objectives
Reduce employee rate of attrition at middle to top management level to the industry average of 15%: Talent retention is a most important job in the fast moving technology industry where every day there is new company being formed and sold for billions USD. The success for any company lies within the skill of human resource it has. Thus, it very important to retain the talents at middle to top level management which are involved in strategic decision making and confidential product research.

Employees on...

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