Challanges Face the Hr Manager

Topics: Requirement, Requirements analysis, Knowledge sharing Pages: 3 (631 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Few of the important challenges are:

1) Global Perspective – Technological change

Current Globality era requires HR professionals of all industries to have a global perspective to cater the needs of managing resources in optimal way. Due to global talent crunch, they are bound to look beyond traditional ways of hiring and retaining resources. This necessitates knowing what companies need, what kind of skill set required and their experience level to justify the requirement.

2) Culture of Sharing and Learning as a Team

Business can only be successful if leaders and their teams are collaborating between themselves. They are learning and sharing the knowledge to grow as a single team instead of different business units. HR professionals play a key role here, during short listing candidates they look for mind-set who can adjust within company environment, bring positive attitude, and potentially become a leader.

3) Employee and Knowledge Retention

Maintaining low attrition rate is one of the major challenges, which every HR professional faces in IT industry. This industry is growing rapidly and lot of successful ventures are launching to grab the share of this blooming industry. In this, cutthroat competition HR professionals are required to develop a strategy that can retain the talent. Training new talent, knowledge sharing a costly affair and good companies are willing to go extra miles to save talent and maintain a growing and positive work environment.

4) Cross-Functional Resource Balance

It is necessary for HR professionals of those businesses that are operating across the globe to maintain a balance between the benefits given to workforces deployed at different client locations and those placed at main development centre of the company. In addition to this, balance is required between those who have been working from years and those who have joined recently. Balance at hierarchy level (top heavy or flat) is also must and must be...
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