Long Nights, Low Pay and No Play

Topics: Paisley Park Records, Wage, Refugee Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: September 21, 2011
I think it is unfair that an immigrant haves these bad jobs. Wasim does not have time for his family and friends because he is working all the time. He has no spare time because he is working with 11-hour shifts. And he describes how hard it is for refugees to get a job. They have problems because there are so many who are missing a job, and they have no possibilities to get one. Only them who want to work for little money can get a job, and it is a bad job with a bad salary. Wasim is a Kurdish refugee, and his is working at the Royale Café on London Road. He earns only £3 an hour, which says £600 a month. The money is not very good. But Wasim has to work, because he sends it back to his family. I think it is unfair, that he has such a bad job just because he is a refugee. Wasim has a hard life, and he means that everything is work, work, and work. He has no quality of life for anyone. I do not think it is fair, but they cannot do anything. They choose a job with a bad salary, but the can earn a little bit money. If they do not want these jobs, then they would have nothing. They have no other possibility to earn money if they are particular and only want a job with a good salary. I think it is sad that Wasim has this bad job. He works in 11-Hour shifts and he has no breaks. Wasim tells that he had dreams of being an architect. But now he feels stuck. I think it is sad. Wasim knows that the city is expensive, and London would be difficult to survive in. So Wasim works a lot, but he has no friends in London, because he does not have spare time. Wasim is always tired, and sometimes when he came home he can barely muster the energy to remove his clothes before he collapses on his bed. He has no life besides the work at the Royale Café on London Road. It is not good when refugees not can get a job, because there are so many who are waiting for a job. And many of them are willing to give anything for a job where they can earn a little money. They have oft a family...
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