Legal and Economic Marginalization of Immigrants

Topics: Medicine, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Western legal and economical marginalization of Immigration

Throughout the course of world history, humans have move across geographical boarders with the desire of finding and better a greater future for their generations. Today, just like the times tribes that traveled looking for food in the wilderness and lived off of the land, social groups have continue to move themselves, their ideas and costumes in order to survive. As humanity continues to progress and become more globalized, so has desire of sovereignty and power. The concept of Social Darwinism is not something new, but when it comes to immigration in today's age, we can clearly see how Western countries have created a complex legal and socioeconomic dynamic to keep the weak at the bottom by the creation of "otherness." Being an immigrant in Europe and the United States is closely tied with oppression by an institutionalized system of marginalization that is nearly hard to break away from. Regardless of where immigrants are employed and what region of the world they come from or go to, their essence has been tied with a negative social construct that emphasizes their otherness and makes nearly impossible to evolved in their new environments. All over the world most immigrants work in the areas of agriculture, domestic service and industrial labor. Deep in the fabric of Western global economies, industries have allocated positions specifically directed to be occupied by immigrants, thus creating a norm that caters to exploit the restricted condition immigrants. This consequently excludes local workers creating animosity from the appearance of foreigners taken jobs from the natives. This phenomenon has turned into a lucrative enterprise for those that take advantage of exploitive work. For instance, in Italy, police has dismantled fake work firms that specialized in luring immigrants that are desperately for work, that are sent to factories in which they are overworked and underpaid. In a twisted...
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