Social Work And Refugees Analysis

Topics: Sociology, Social work, Canada Pages: 6 (1420 words) Published: January 21, 2016

Social work with refugees is incredibly important in contemporary Canadian society, and this issue is deeply rooted in Canadian history. Therefore, the topic of this paper is the relationship between social work and refugees, and how this relationship is impacted by Canadian history, policies, and contemporary social structures. This paper will outline Canada’s history with refugees, and how policy has impacted social work with refugees in past and current Canadian society
This paper will briefly critically examine the relationship between social work and refugees. Furthermore, how this relationship was and continues to be impacted by oppression, prejudice, discrimination, as well as social and racial inequality. This paper will also briefly...

Secondly, this paper will examine how oppression and inequality affects refugees, and what social workers can do to eliminate these challenges. This paper will also analyze social work with immigrants and refugees from a theoretical social work perspective. This analysis will then examine the contemporary role of social work in the lives of refugees, and the numerous challenges refugees face. This paper will conclude with advising current social workers on how to interact with refugees, using the resources discussed above, in order to eradicate the oppression and discrimination refugees face.

In order to understand the challenges that refugees face, and how social workers can alleviate these challenges, one must understand what a refugee is. Furthermore, in order to understand the way that refugees are treated in contemporary Canadian society, one must understand the treatment of refugees in the past, especially during wartimes. Specifically, the oppression and discrimination refugees faced in policies regarding their admission into Canada.
Detail 1: A refugee can be described as any individual who is outside of their country of residence, and who is unable and reluctant to return to their country because they will be, or fear of being,...

As was shown, Canadian history towards refugees has been largely discriminatory. Discrimination impacts refugees at all different stages of their life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and later adulthood). Refugees face social exclusion from individuals in different institutions, and often from the institutions themselves. Discrimination affects refugee’s life conditions, and their emotional and physical wellbeing. A real life example of the discrimination that refugees face, is the fact that Syrian refugees in Vancouver were attacked with pepper spray at a welcome...
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