Long Distance Learning

Topics: University, Academic degree, Education Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Distance education allows you to study at home or in your office, according to your own schedule, there are no classes to attend. Generally, each course comes with a manual that may be accompanied by videotapes, audiotapes, audio CDs, computer diskettes, CD-ROMs, etc., depending on the nature of the course. As well, many courses incorporate computer conferencing, e-mail, listservs, computer-based quizzes, and the Internet. Some courses are entirely on-line, using the World Wide Web as an innovative learning environment. Distance education provides a contemporary means through which the University may expand in aiding others in furthering their education. The Open Learning program is an open admission distance-only mode of study that provides access to degree-credit university courses for individuals who wish to study independently but are not interested in pursuing a degree at the University level at the present time. You may register in the Open Learning program, even if you are registered at another educational institution or program. The Open Learning program extends the academic resources of the University to those interested in personal enrichment, professional updating, or eventual application to a degree program. Open learning program students must complete the same assignments and examinations as those in degree programs and is evaluated using the same standards. Upon successful completion of a course, learners receive the same credit weight as would apply to the degree program.

Most distance education courses count as degree credit (.5 credit weight). Some are non-credit. The outcome of each course offered by the Office of Open Learning is noted in the individual course descriptions available. Individuals wishing to take degree-credit distance education courses for personal enrichment, professional development, or eventual application to a degree program, may enroll in the Open Learning program. Continuing education consists of...
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