Online vs Classroom

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Online Course versus Classroom Course
The online course is a new phenomenon in education that allows students to take courses online, or through a computer database a school might offer. In this manner, students can learn at their own rate, and not have to physically answer to a professor in a typical classroom situation. This innovation allows students who may have families, or other obligations, to get degrees from home. However, there is little supervision that would be imparted to the student, as he or she takes the required testing or written projects through email online. In this way, online courses offer a standardized curriculum which is fully accepted by most academic requirements, but does not offer a strong communicative aspect of learning that a classroom might offer. Regardless, the online course has all of the necessary stages and learning requirements a classroom has, but does not give the student a personalized education that a teacher in a classroom would offer. The main aspect of online courses that is important and positive is that education does not have to be done by travel. By cutting out the travel to classes at a university, anyone may be able to get a degree if they have families or a busy work schedule. This is a convenience that offers a great deal of productivity, and helps those that are too overburdened to attend classroom courses.

The traditional classroom course compares very easily to the normative stages of learning that a student might encounter within an online course. The availability of lessons and tests are taken from classroom styled course, but a computer is needed to send results back and forth regarding academic work. The classroom is really no different in his manner, except for the attention a student might receive from a teacher present in the room. For instance, if a student has a question regarding a certain subject, the teacher will immediately be present either during the class or after to answer all...
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