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Competitive Intelligence – Samsung Electronics
Project 4
Sarah Stottsberry

Samsung Electronics is one of Samsung Group’s multinational corporations. Samsung Group is South Korea’s largest conglomerate that serves several major global industries including but not limited to electronics, machinery, chemical, financial services, engineering, and entertainment.

Company Vision

"Leading the Digital Convergence Revolution"

Outstanding financial returns during the semiconductor boom of the mid-1980’s gave Korean firms, like Samsung Electronics, the financial capacity to devote funds to R&D that has ultimately made them the leaders of the digital convergence era. As a leader, Samsung is dedicated to providing a world that is networked together including core components such as memory chips, along with, A/V equipment, computers, telecommunications devices, home appliances and other products that will offer a total solution for the digital convergence era.[1] This Digital – eCompany focuses on networking devices together, along with streamlining productivity in order to maximize R&D return.

Business Areas

CTO (Corporate Technology Operations): Leads R&D activities at the corporate level by defining mid to long term range strategies, enhancing R&D efficiency, and by developing shared technologies across software and production. • It strives to acquire better foresight than competitors • Company-wide R&D action plans provide better technological readiness.

Digital Media: It is the industry leader in digital TV’s. Additionally, it competes in color monitors, DVD’s, notebook PCs, printers, and portable equipment. • Overall sales surpassed the industry record by breaking $10 Billion in 2006.

Telecommunications Networks: This division includes mobile phones and telecommunications systems • In Q3-07, its global shipments of mobile phones reached 42.6 Million units, making it the 2nd largest competitor in this market for the first time. This increase can be attributed to aggressive marketing and an attractive offering of 3G phones.[2]

Digital Appliances: This division offers productions including premium refrigerators, air conditions, washers, ovens and vacuum cleaners. • The Samsung Quatro refrigerator was named “Best of Innovations” at CES 2006.[3]

Semiconductors: The three main divisions are Memory, System LSI, and storage. It is best known for DRAM, SRAM, and NAND flash memory chips. • It has been the world’s top manufacturer of DRAM for the past 15 years. This business primarily grew by offering new 90nm and 80nm processing to DRAM, and the business had better expected results even though oversupply in the market has driven prices down in the last year.

LCDs: Liquid Crystal Displays
• It has been the world’s top producer of LCD displays for the past 5 years. • It owns one of the largest and most advanced LCD glass factories in the world. • Since it is a leading vendor in the TV arena, it has been able to strengthen its engineering skills in the fabrication of electronic devices that use LCD. • In Q3-07, Samsung surpassed Dell in shipments of LCD desktop monitors for the first time since Q4-01.[4]

Core Competencies
Streamlined R&D Processes
• It runs approximately 50 research projects per year. • Company-wide mandate requires 20 new products by the year 2010.[5] • In 2005, Samsung partnered with Microsoft to help streamline its development process by using Microsoft’s project management solution.[6] • It has developed “E-Process”, an established network between R&D, production, marketing, and customers. • It registered more than 2400 patents in the US in 2006. Distinctive Technologies

• Due to price wars in the TV Industry, Samsung focused on customer needs by providing a distinctive collection of technologies including LCD, plasma, projection and CRT TV’s. • Next generation technology was used to offer 1GB...
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