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What’s better than being able to look down the road and say “I have ‘never worked a day in my life’?” Having a passion for acting and singing, I hope to one day incorporate that in what I do for a living. Brands, Finance and Performance Arts are the three things that I want to start a business with, considering I want to run my own Event Management company that would focus on organizing performing art festivals, theatrical plays etc. Having studied Marketing at Business School, and with an ongoing major in Finance, I have theoretical know-how of the ways I can make this happen but through the seminars on Branding and Finance, I hope to learn practical applications of my idea. Branding would help me sell my idea and develop my unique selling proposition, while considering I have a lack of financial means, Finance would help me surpass that by equipping me with knowledge about acquiring investors and effective management of finances. There is no better way of widening your horizon than through listening to other people and studying their journeys-their goals, their aspirations, the obstacles they faced and how they over-came them. Moreover, humans being social animals, I have a thirst for meeting new people because I consider there’s nothing that can add to your perspective more than spending an hour talking to a complete stranger. This not only adds to personal development but will help me approach my business idea from angles I never knew existed. This conference and these workshops pose as the perfect opportunities for widening my business acumen and also as brilliant networking prospects. I want go back to my country, equipped with this new-found information and apply it to my country not only in terms of my business idea but also in developmental efforts. And hopefully, someone else will be returning to theirs, knowing I helped them in my own little way.

Currently enrolled in my Bachelors in Business Administration, I am the boy next door. My motivation...
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