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Topics: Writing, Inferno, Divine Comedy Pages: 2 (1121 words) Published: October 21, 2014

English 212
Dr. PasquesiPaper #1; 20%; 4-5 pages
In-class draft workshop: Saturday, 9/27
Please email me the first few paragraphs of your paper if you’d like to be awesome and volunteer it for our in-class draft workshop. Final paper due: Saturday, 10/4 by midnight
Paper #1 is due by midnight on Saturday, 10/4, right before Saturday becomes Sunday. Please remember that you must submit your papers via Blackboard’s SafeAssign--to submit your paper, click on the "View/Complete" link at the bottom of this assignment and you will be prompted to upload your paper. I absolutely do not accept hard copies or papers submitted through email. If you submit your paper either of these ways, I will not grade it. I also will not email you telling you that I won’t grade it. ** I do not respond to drafts via email—you have to come see me.** 1. Write a paper where you put two characters, authors or a character/author and yourself into conversation with one another. This is a fun but ultimately challenging topic because even though you are writing a fictional dialogue between two characters or authors, you still need to have a thesis/main point support by textual examples and evidence that you fully analyze (e.g. you may want to have your chosen players have a dialogue about a specific issue from our readings and discussions). Be sure to describe the setting in which the two characters or authors meet. 2. Whom would you rather get advice from, Li Po, Dante, Antigone, or Moira Egan? Why? 3. In the spirit of great poets that we’re reading, for this option, write a poem that engages the issues that we’ve discussed in the course so far. Along with the poem, include a brief artist’s statement, where you explain the choices that you made in terms of both form and content when writing the poem. In your poem and/or artist’s statement, you need to engage a poem that we’ve read. 4. For this option, choose a poem or selection from a longer text that we’ve read and translate it into...
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