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Literary Terms:
Author- The person who writes a book, novel, or any other literary works. They are the ones that write and are the person that is supposed to receive credit for the piece of literary work. Authors generally come up with the topic that they write about, and if they are writing about a real story, then they may add their creative twist. Type of Work-

Genre- The topic or subject matter in a piece of literary work. It determines what kind of writing will be in piece of literature. People often choose a genre that they like, and tend to look for literature in that genre. Language- A system of communication particular to a certain group of peoples for communication. Language can be used for writing and speaking to each other. Without language people could not communicate or express ideas to other people. Time/Place Written- Where or when a piece of literature was written. When would be what time period, what season, or time of day. Where, would be the location the author was in when it was writing the literary work. Date of First Publication- When a piece of literature was first published. Not, when the literature was published for a second time. This would be the day and year it was published. Publisher- A person or company that prepares and issues books, journal, music, or other works for sale. Climax- The most intense, exciting, or important point of something. A culmination or apex. It also means the turning point in a point or dramatic action. Protagonists- The main character in a drama or other literary work. The first actor to engage in dialogue with the chorus, in later dramas, playing the main character and some minor characters as well. The leading or principal figure. Antagonists- One who opposes and contends against another. The principal character in opposition to the protagonist or hero of a narrative or drama. Settings (Time) - the point in time the story takes place. For example time, month, year, season and era....
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