Literature Review on Consumer Behavior While Purchasing

Topics: Psychology, Economics, Social sciences Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Literature Review

Annamalai Solayappan, Jothi Jayakrishnan (2010) their research showed that branded computers play a prestigious role in the students segment. Due to the computer world everything is in the hands of the students. Everything in the world seems to be digital. Everyone needs a computer to drive a smooth and fast race. Especially, branded computers will try to safeguard the competitive race. So, the various factors discussed may determine the student to purchase branded computers. Wahida Farzana (2012) this study is to explore how consumers’ psychological factors (Motivation, perception, and attitude) are associated with brand equity (brand loyalty, brand association, perceived quality, and brand awareness) of laptop. The result revealed that, consumers’ motivation to use laptop and brand association criteria work separately. They consider battery lifetime (brand association) as important feature while satisfying those purposes. Consumers’ attitudes are shaped up by others, especially by family members while buying high-involvement products. Respondents show a positive association between their attitudes with one of the highest ranking laptop Apple. Like other products, consumers’ perception for choosing laptop relies upon different sources of information. In this particular case, they choose newspaper and websites to build up their perception. Though newspaper and websites play the vital role for organizing, evaluating information, they rarely help them to choose the brand. Dr. Ansir Ali Rajput, Sabir Hussain Kalhoro (2012) presented in this article has significant impact on both price and quality, one thing has been noticed during the survey that people do give more focus to price rather quality because of low income level. People have more alternatives in products that are the reason people go for lower price products. The results clearly indicated that product price has a positive relationship with consumer buying behavior but product quality...

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Household computers
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