Study of Consumer Behaviour on Soaps

Topics: Marketing, Null hypothesis, Decision making Pages: 10 (1993 words) Published: January 3, 2011
Research Methodology

Project Report

A study on the influence of price as the most important attribute in the consumer behavior related to the purchase of soap


Table of contents:

|Contents |Page no. | |Abstract |6 | |A. Introduction |7 | |Problem statement | | |Research objectives/Hypotheses | | |Rationale for approach | | |Value in terms of possible outcomes | | |5. Limitations | | |B. Research Methodology |8 | |Research design and questions | | |Data collection | | |Questionnaire format | | |Research schedule | | |Literature Review |10 | |Analysis of Results |11 | |Summary |14 | |Conclusion |14 | |Scope for further studies |14 |

List of figures:

|Fig 1 |Ranking of soap attributes in purchase of soap | |Fig 2 |Ranking of price by customers while purchasing soap | |Fig 3 |Price sensitivity of consumers buying soap | |Fig 4 |Soap price sensitivity difference in males and females. | |Fig 5 |Knowledge of hidden pricing among consumers and change in purchase behavior |


Our research project studied the influence of price as the major factor in the purchase behavior of Indian consumers by studying the purchase behavior of soap in a sample of students. As price is traditionally considered as one of the most important of 4 P’s of marketing, and a review of past literature showed an existing link between price and the purchase behavior, the topic was chosen to study. A convenient sample of 40 students was asked to respond to questionnaire containing multiple choice, scale and dichotomous questions with a focus...
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