Literary and Non Literary Texts

Topics: Writing, The Reader, Poetry Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: November 16, 2011
In this paper I am going to compare and contrast a literary text (Education for Leisure by Carol Ann Duffy) and a non literary text (Newspaper article from “The Independent” by Nigel Morris) focussing on the language features used, the structural and presentational devices, the use of correct punctuations, analyse the structure of the non literary text for bias and the techniques used to convey meaning and ideas by both authors. The objective of literary texts is to teach the readers a life lesson with the development and growth of the main character as the plot unfolds. These types of texts have a meaning behind the writing instead of just being written for fun. Literary texts mainly focus on problems or weaknesses of the society that are exposed for the world to read and some of them offered ways to help fix the issue. Literary texts are mainly used in novels, fictions, short stories, poetry, and drama. However, non literary texts are for the everyday reader because they are easier to read and fairly simple and have nothing in it that will confuse the story. It mostly deals with factual information. There could be lesson in the text that is simple and easy to figure out. Non literary texts are mainly used in newspaper or magazine articles, brochures, journals, travel writing and personal diaries. The structure of the newspaper article is made up of a catchy, instructive heading which is a powerful incentive to make the readers want to read. The subheadings allow the readers to pick and choose the information they want to read. It also includes statistical graphs and photographs related to the content of the article. It helps to make it an easier read for the intended audience. It also helps the writer to present complex information. The headline is bold; bigger in size and different font style and the illustrations beneath it, is to attract the readers’ attention to the article that follows. The length of the paragraph in the article is reasonable which...
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