Listing and Speaking

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Skill Development:

Fear of public speaking

Proactive = controlling a situation by making things happen or by preparing for possible future problems

Myth = an idea or story that is believed by many people but that is not true

Come across = to make a particular impression

Overwhelming = something that is so confusing or difficult

Optimal = best or most effective

Profound = major, significant

Intimate = having a very close relationship

Overcompensating = trying to make up for something that is lacking or bad by doing too much of something else

Rehearse = to say or do (something) several times in order to practice

Backfire = to have the opposite result of what was desired or expected


Keys to Successful Interpreting: Consecutive Interpretation Note-taking

Rambling = lengthy

Incomprehensible = beyond your understanding

Furiously = rapidly

Decipher = make sense of

Scribble = scrawl = jot down

Groping around = searching blindly or uncertainly

Consign = transfer

Delegate = a person who speaks or acts on behalf of an organization at a meeting or conference

Encapsulate = summarize

Hindrance = obstacle



|Resolution = decision |Contend = argue | |Confrontation = conflict |Negotiate = discuss | |Implicit = hidden |Accountability = responsibility | |Partition = separation |Demolish = destroy | |envisage = imagine |Get away with = escape | |Territory = area |To be held accountable = held responsible | |Disputed = undecided |swirling = twisting |


Language acquisition

|instinctively = intuitively |species = basic category of biological classification | |isolate = separate |defect = a shortcoming, fault, or imperfection | |multitude = large number |mutation = change or alteration | |cognitive = mental |disorder = a disturbance in physical or mental health or functions | |breakthrough = sudden discovery |version = a particular form or variant of something |


India Launches World's Cheapest Tablet Computer for 50$

sneak peek = an opportunity to see something before it is officially available

gadget = small device or machine with a particular purpose

port = in computers: a data connection in a computer to which a peripheral device or a transmission line from a remote terminal can be attached.

HD= high definition = a system which produces very good quality television images in greater detail than ordinary systems

Debate: How to Change

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