Likes and Dislikes Related to Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Cognition, Mind Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: July 31, 2012
Michelle Rissman
My Love For The Beach
Strayer University
PSY 105
July 26, 2012

Psychology plays a role in each persons life. Liking or disliking something is based on each person. The reasons we like or dislike something have psychological reasons. I will discuss my love for family beach days and why I love family beach days. Through this explanation it will be easy to determine how psychology plays a role in how and why. The amazing smell of salt, wetness, and greasy food. The sounds of crashing waves, seagulls and children's cachinnation. On a hot sunny day, there is absolutely nothing better to do, then spend a day on the beach with family. As a child, my most unrivaled memories are days chasing waves. It is both exciting and scary being swept up by a wave to be taken out just a little bit farther. As a parent, I see on my own children's faces, the same emotional struggle; is it safe? Should I go back? No way, its so much fun!!! A day on the beach is never the same as the last. There are endless possibilities, as long as you have an imagination. I adore going to the beach. My fondness for the beach is foremost reasoned by cognitive psychology. Cognitive psychology focuses on cognitive processes, every aspect of our mental life, our thoughts, memories, dreams, fantasies, and reasoning (Baron & Kalsher, 2008) . Cognition means “knowing”. Cognitive psychology focuses on the way humans process information. There for, cognitive psychology is the understanding that if we want to know what makes a person act or react, we must understand the internal process of their mind. My thoughts and memories, of the beach, are understood by me, to be genuinely good, other wise I would not like going to the beach. If my love for the beach were to be studied, each memory of going to the beach, would show case reasons as to why I love it so much. The act of being at the beach is only remarkable because I perceive it to be that way. There are natural...

References: Baron, B., & Kalsher, M. (2008). Introduction to psychology. Boston : Pearson.
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