Branches of Psychology

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Psychology is known as the ‘Study of Mind’. Its also called dynamic science because no one can ever perceive or predict the behavior or nature of minds. Each individual’s actions, reactions and emotions tend to differ from one another. The subject psychology itself is vast like an ocean. When broadly classified, psychology falls into 10 main branches. Let us briefly define and go through each one of them. Behavioral Psychology

As the name indicates, its the study of behavioral science such as mental process and human behavioral patterns. Behavioral Psychology is based on study of the functions of brain cells. Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is a treatment oriented branch of psychology which deals with scientific ways of handling psychological problems. It is also called counseling psychology. This includes prevention, understanding and cure of psychological issues by counseling and psychotherapy. Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology is the branch of psychology which deals with the abnormalities in a person’s behavior and psyche. This is a branch of study which is commonly found in Human Resources Management courses and Criminal Law courses. Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is often taught in educational institutions like schools and colleges. This field of study basically focuses on student life. It deals with shyness, learning disorders, adolescence, sex education in children and so on. These studies and awareness comes in handy in the different developmental stages of children. Developmental Psychology

As the name suggests, Developmental Psychology deals with the changes that occurs in a human being over course of time. It deals with early childhood developmental stages. This helps in identifying the causes, treatment and effects of any psychological disorders better. Personality Psychology

Personality Psychology is that branch of psychology which deals with the IQ and personality of an individual. Different IQ tests and personality tests allow individuals to gauge themselves for better understanding. These are commonly found in interview tests and performance analysis. Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology deals with the study of psychological stimuli in human beings. psychological stimuli include ability for developing linguistic skills, identifying a person’s state of mind, recognizing a kin from another and so on. We have noticed that babies, however small they are, easily get the cue of the above mentioned psychological stimuli. Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology deals with the mental processes like thoughts, memory and problem solving. It basically deals with the perception and problem solving capability of the brain. Legal Psychology

Legal Psychology is almost similar to cognitive and clinical psychology. It’s just that it has got a legal point of view. The legal psychologist assists the crime investigation by assessing the testimonies and statements of the witnesses and the victims. Community Psychology

Community Psychology is the study of the psychological aspects of the individuals in a community. This is based on characteristics like interdependence, adaptation, diplomacy and so on.

List of Branches of Psychology
There are 10 main branches of psychology. While I cannot really please my heart by explaining each of these in complete detail, I will explain the concept of each branch with a short example of usage (psst... don't tell anyone. The example is especially for you!). 

Abnormal Psychology
Abnormal psychology is the study of certain behavioral abnormalities in a person's psyche. Like, neuroses, psychoses and mental retardation. Hypnosis and mesmerism are often used for treatment in this branch of psychology. Abnormal psychology is one of the most basic forms of psychology study, and is taught in Law and Human Resource Management studies as well. 

Example - "Jenna was a normal girl. She had a twin brother, and the two of them were the best of...
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